We are happy to present Why Don’t We Do It in the Road: A Personal Guide to Outdoor Interactive Theatre, written by Vida Cerkvenik Bren, co-created and published by Ljud.


Why Don’t We Do It in the Road is a book for anyone:
… who enjoys creating outdoor theatre performances,
… who is interested in learning about it,
… who is interested in the mechanisms behind it,
… and for anyone who is … well … just generally interested in things.

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road invites you to enter the world of outdoor theatre through the personal experiences, stories and views of performers, directors and pedagogues. The book shares their theoretical thoughts as well as practical advices. It provides tools for analysing existing theatre phenomena and suggests helpful tips and exercises that will help you make a new creation of your own.

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KThe book has emerged from more than a decade of experiences of creating theatre in the streets, squares, parks, villages, buses, hospitals, churches and even mountains. Since 2006 we – Vida and the Ljuds – have been exploring the possibilities of artistic expression in public spaces through interactive performances and site-specific projects. This road took us to more than 30 counties around the world where we crossed paths with many like-minded artists as well as theatre critics, festival directors and academics. Their ideas and advice have enriched our views on making and understanding theatre and some of them can be found in this book.

The book enables the reader to step into an interactive process of exploration and tries to encourage independent thinking. It includes an abundance of illustrations and graphic presentations that make it accessible also to a general public. The book has been produced as part of RIOTE2 project and is meant as a free learning tool for adult education across Europe.



Here you can download two digital versions of the book in English:

ENGLISH VERSION FOR DIGITAL READING>>> in case you would like to read it on PC or tablet (it is recommended to set your PDF reader to the full screen mode).
ENGLISH VERSION FOR PRINTING>>> in case you prefer to have a physical book in your hands (the book has been designed to be read double-sided, so it is best to also print it this way).

The book is also available in a few other languages:





The printed version of the book is available in English only. To get your copy, write us to kudljud@gmail.com

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The book was published as part of RIOTE2 project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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