After 2 years of co-operation, the RIOTE2 project (Rural inclusive outdoor theatre education) has come to a conclusion. As well as Ljud book »Why don’t we do it in the Road« and the »Rural Touring Handbook«, we are proud to announce the release of 3 short documentary films – one about Italian group Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo, one about English group Broken spectacles, and one about Slovenian group Ljud (that’s us :))

Instead of classical holiday greetings we give you 3 short films!

No one can be replaced:

Emotions behind the objects:

Towards a playful being:

We wish to thank the creator of these inspirational films, Ruman Gabor, member of Hungarian partner team Control studio. His unique vision behind the lens inspired us all! Thank you Gabor 🙂

We also wish to thank all the partners for sharing their knowledge and skills; Broken Spectacles/Dartington Arts in Take Art (United Kingdom), Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Control Studio in Utca-SzAK (Hungary). Special thank goes to Pinter Geza who brought us all together!

The films were created as part of RIOTE2 , co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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