From October 2020 on Ljud continues to co-create European project RIOTE 3 (Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theater Education), in which we will cooperate with seven different theatre organisations from 6 diferent countries in the next 24 month: Take Art (UK), Teatro Nucleo (Italy), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Protagon e.v.(Nemčija), Une idee dans l’air (France), Sinum Theatre (Hungary) in Utca-SzAK (Hungary).
Thanks to Geza Pinter (Sinum Theatre) and program of Eu Erasmus +


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Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English et Slovensko




Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English et Slovensko…




Ljud est fier de présenter un nouveau livre, mais le livre n’est malheureusement pas encore disponible en français.
Nous vous invitons à le lire en anglais ou en italien.

The book was published as part of RIOTE2 project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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KUD Ljud in cooperation with Slovenian Theatre Institute invites you to the conference on the theatre in public spaces, its position among the performing arts in Slovenia as well as in the field of education. These will be the central topics of the two round tables. An all day event will also include a presentation of a recently published book on the outdoor interactive theatre, film projections and more. Among the participants of the conference will be established artists, festival organizers, professors, pedagogues, representatives of public institutions as well as non-governmental organizations.

In the last two decades theatre in public spaces has spread across Slovenia. New festivals are being born, old ones are expanding, there are more and more venues as well as Slovene artists who perform on them. Theatre in public spaces has also found its place in strategies, plans and calls for submission of public cultural institutions and hence became in many ways officially equal to other performing arts.

But do the artists who work in public spaces also have in reality the same opportunities as the other performing artists? What is the position that the theatre in public spaces in Slovenia is truly in? And what is the state of education on outdoor theatre? What kind of a future awaits them?

Join us on the 3rd of June from 9 a.m. at the Slovenian Theatre Institute and help us find answers to these questions.


Detailed program (SLO) including the list of participants can be found HERE

Conference is a part of RIOTE2 project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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Bonne année


Bonne année W

SNOOZE! (Dösen!)


Snooze !, a theatrical assembly without purpose. Cooperative contemplation. Do nothing, doze and sleep as a participatory experience. The laboratory project Snooze! is an open field. Open to things that arise and happen during a night.

Join us in a space for dreams, stories and contemplation,
a “zone of stretched rules”..


Saturday, October 27, 2018 (22:00 – 06:00)
LOCATION: Red Sapata / Tabakfabrik Linz (only by appointment)

The numbers of participants is very limited! “Bed”, snacks and breakfast: Euro 25,. (19,-)
If you wish to snooze with us write us an email:!

For more information clickhere.

A co-production of KUD LJUD (SLO) & DIE FABRIKANTEN (AT)

Galerija na meji / Grenzlandgalerie


Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English et Slovensko…

Look around!


Today a rock, tomorrow a wind!
City metamorphosis

Imagine the splash of the river or the gust of the wind rolling down the street…it changes what it is in what it is not, but it will be, it is becoming and it already is. It reveals things that are so ordinary that nobody sees them anymore. It takes us beyond expectations – into a state of consciousness, where the world is new, fresh and undiscovered.

photo by_ Gábor Rumann

The Ljuds are preparing a very special magical attack on the streets of Ljubljana.
Directed by the Romanian performative artistCsongorKöllő and performed by the participants of the international project RIOTE 2, local performers and of course the Ljuds.

You will meet us this Friday, April 13th at 15:00 and 17:00 on the streets of Ljubljana:)

Co-financed by MOL and Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Look around!


Our EVS project Look around! is finishing. Volunteer Harriet form England described her experience with these words:

“My half-year adventure in art in public spaces is coming to an end. It began with opening a Streetwalker gallery in Ljubljana, and ends with paintings in a gallery in Ljubljana. In between I have aided pink alien Invasions, brought origami snails to life in stop-motion and workshops, animated paper-snowflakes for Christmas and New Year, gone sightseeing with DaDa-ist pirates and joined their crew in search of treasure, as well as the process of illustrating a new performance, and climbing trees to reveal hidden artworks. I have even dabbled in talking Slovene and learned to make Šmorn.”

Harriet EVS 3

We thank all who made the project possible, especially our volunteer Harriet Ainscough, our partner organization ICYE from England and Institute Movit!

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