Streetwalker in Ljubljana!


The Streetwalker returns to its birthplace! In the past four years, we have opened “ready-made” galleries in France, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea and even in Maribor. Now we finally found time to make a proper “Duchampisation” on the streets where the idea was first tested in 2010.

Preparations are in full swing and the doors will officially open on Friday, 13. 6. at 19:00 at the Square of the French Revolution. We will also have guided tours on 14.6. (11:00), 15.6. (19:00) during the Museum night on the 21.6. (18:00 & 20:00), and as part of the Ana Desetnica Festival on 3.7. (17:00 & 19:30) and 4. 7. (17:00  &  18:30).

In addition to all the above we will also welcome individual tours between 13.6. and 5.7. – handy maps that will guide you through the installation will be available at the entrance 24h per day.

In short, pull out your calendars, choose a date and see you there!

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P. S. As is traditional the entrance fee is 0 € (students and seniors receive a 50 % discount)

Street Hero


We successfully finished our EVS project Street Hero.

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We thank all who made the project possible, especially our volunteer Tomasz Foltyn, our partner organization STRIM from Poland and Institute Movit!

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The Ljuds are already busy preparing for a new season of “streetwalking” and discovering that the ready-made principle can really be used almost anywhere.  (see video below;)

If you would like to check out the five new Streetwalker galleries that we opened in 2013 please visit our newly renovated STREETWALKER page!


What, your city doesn’t have a Streetwalker gallery yet?

Then contact us immediately!!




LJUD in 2013 – plans, projects and festivals


Dear friends, fans and groupies!

Finally, we are revealing the intricate timetable of Ljud’s ventures, adventures and interventions – past, present and future – for this year!

Lo and behold – a season of street spectacle, transgression and creativity has started!

The Invasion started the celebration of its 5th anniversary (!) by spawning new alien characters and invading new countries:

International University Festival (Tehran, Iran) 5. – 8. 5.

Namur en Mai festival (Belgium) 9. – 12.5.

Holzminden festival (Germany) 18. – 19.5.

Imaginarius festival (Porto, Portugal) 24. – 26.5.

Sibiu festival (Romania) 7. – 8. 6.

The international street theater festival (Perm, Russia) 18.6.

North Norge festival (Norway) 24. – 25.6.

Viborg Festuge 2013 (Denmark) 16. – 18.9.

Again, open air ready-made gallery – the Streetwalker, will roam the streets of European cities and finish the season in the far East:

Norfolk and Norwich festival (Norwich, UK) – 16. – 18.5.

Oerol  festival (Terschelling, Holland) 14. – 23.6.

Les tombées de la nuit  (Rennes, France) 5. – 7.7.

European Capital of Culture 2013 (Marseille, France) 25. – 29.9.

Gwacheon festival (Gwacheon, South Korea) 25. – 29.9.

And last but not least – Brecht’s spectacle Mother Courage, finally brought to the streets, where it belongs, in a coproduction with Ana Monro Theater and some really cute people from Lithuania…

For now in Slovenia only:

2.7.         Maribor

3.7.         Ljubljana

9.7.         Nova Gorica

10.7       Izola

11.7.       Kranj

12.7.       Kamnik

You are invited to see, to hear, to touch and to taste each or all of them!

Wintertime news


The Ljuds have spent the last couple of months preparing for the coming season, working on Ljuds laboratory and artisticaly supporting the “zombilisation” of over 20.000 Slovenian citizens (who are demonstrating for preserving social rights and against growing political corruption). You can have a look at a gallery of our “Protestival” activities or read more about the current situation in Slovenia here.



P.S. We have also started to translate the Ljud page into French. Oh là là!

2013 …





This Friday at 15.30 Ljud’s interactive particles accelerator will commence!

Every week we’ll discover new possibilities of personal expression and channel it to the streets of Ljubljana through unannounced, breath-taking theater actions.

Connect now and share you creative insanity with us!

For application or more info, please, contact our leading scientist dr. Mochivnik (+386 31 341 889), or write to He will guide you to Lab’s super-secret location on Trg prekomorskih brigad 1 (besides Kino Šiška).

Courage on the street!


Do you want to make a crazy street theatre spectacle (based on Brecht’s Mother Courage) with the Ljuds and the entire slovenian street theatre scene?

We will work in Kamnik beetween the 21st and 30th of September. We have arranged sleeping, eating and even some travel money… so change your plans and make history with us!

More info HERE

Write to kudljud(at) to apply!

(foreign participants extremely welcome)

Streetwalker Reborn!


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Chalon-sur-Saône – Graz – Maribor

Streetwalker was on a long trip, it strolled along Chalon-sur-Saône, hitchhiked to Graz and finished with a lap of honour in Maribor.

Statistics: 24 days of festival fever, a few thousand miles spent on the road, 3 premieres, 20 guided tours, approximately one thousand spectators, 3 sleepless nights per person and 1 slightly damaged head…



Otherwise peaceful French town is suddendly transformed into the biggest street theater venue in Europe and starts to burst. Posters and flyers everywhere, performances and music on every corner, everything and everyone is on the street and, of course, so is our Streetwalker. Ljud’s crew is on a 24 hour working schedule and with a huge help – a true fraternité! – from an artistic collective Alteréaliste – we manage to build and prepare the first open air »ready-made« gallery… And to survive!


One day drive with a quick detour in Ljubljana, no time to sleep, we’re in a hurry and again: new city, new people, new festival, everything starts anew, but we are far more experienced now – La Strada starts… The audience likes the idea and so does the pople from Graz’s district Gris where we set up the gallery. One lady, for instance, invites everyone on the tour to her living room and when 30 people finally manage to squeeze in, a little girl appears out of nowhere and starts playing on the lady’s piano… This is just one of several unexpected, poetic moments, which can happen only when you work on the street and with it…


On Lent, in co-production with ECC 2012, strenghtened with a local crew and finally rested we start again: the audience is overtaken by our dynamic tour guide, which concludes the gallery with the »Dravorama« art installation – a 1:1 replica of the Drava river quay, constructed especially for the opening of the Streetwalker gallery – and placed exactly on the place where it always was…

And then – The Grand finale: Graz and Maribor fused together into a single gallery, a whole day tour connected with a bus ride. We »kidnap« the audience from Graz and everybody sings »Yellow submarine« while a 40 year old yellow bus is driving on the highway with all its windows down… A short stop at the gas station filled with newly discovered artworks, since it is a subsidiary of both galleries… Next day we repeat the tour in the other direction and arrive just in time to join the La Strada closing party where we use our custom made, mobile sound system and dance in the streets of Graz until the first serious complaint is filed by the neighbours…