Korea Reloaded


In April the Aliens have unexpectedly appeared in Western Australia – the highest amount of pink radiation was recorded on Fremantle Street Arts Festival, near Perth, where they completely surprised unsuspecting Aussies and were, in turn, completely surprised by kangaroos – the biggest rabbits they’ve seen, since they landed on planet Earth. But all of this was just an diversionary maneuver…

A week ago – exactly one year after their first arrival – they started with a month-long, Second Invasion of Korea, this time with a serious intent of „pinking it“ from the North to the South. First they subdued the Musical festival in Uijengbou, few kilometers north of Seoul, and now they teleported themselves to the far south of the country, to Yeosu, which is hosting world exhibition EXPO 2012, where they will present their new technological achievements, based mainly on enthusiastic interaction with the Earthlings.

There will be no time to rest after Korea, though. In June the Aliens are expected on Greenwich & Docklands festival in London, which they will use as a preparation ground for Olympics 2012 – the first Olympics in history featuring Alien participants! Their efforts will be focused on – typically alien – disciplines: speed kissing, interactive triathlon and synchronized commotion.

A special report on a special collaboration


“From White Russia with Passion”

Under the watchful eye of our veteran members Ljud’s youth section has attended the international theater festival and youth forum “M-art.kontakt “ in Mogilev.

In collaboration with Belarus group “Moustache” (which was formed after Ljud’s last year’s visit to Minsk) they carried out an interactive theater performance which stirred up the citizens of Mogilev and raised a few eyebrows of local police officers. In White Russia, sadly, a street theater still falls into a “Disturbance of public peace and order” category and is sanctioned with a fine of 20€… and two weeks in jail!

A short video by Belarus TV can be found here.

Together with Moustache group, the Ljuds were also called to re-animate once popular youth club “Cuba café”” in Mogilev. We are doing our best to ensure that cooperation with “Moustache people” will continue on this year’s Ana Desetnica – street theater festival in Ljubljana.

We are very grateful for the sponsorship by Slovenian hi-tech company Comita which surpassed all our expectations by helping us yet again. This collaboration project was also supported by Ljubljana’s Youth Bureau. Thanks!

Adrian Schvarzstein Workshop


The Ljuds uploaded a (rather large) selection of video clips from the very excellent interactive theater workshops made by the extremely excellent and talented Adrian Schvarzstein in Belgrade in 2011.

We are very grateful to Adrian for allowing us to record the workshops and to share them with the enthusiastic people of Belarus and with other people who are interested in these methods but did not have a chance to experience them in person yet!

The workshops were organized by the also excellent crew of CIRKUSFERA.

Click HERE to watch the videos and get ready to conquer the public space!



Surviving 2011 on planet earth…


Aliens are already flying to their favorite 2011 destination – the island of Sardinia – to join some of their human friends  for a celebration of the New Year.  The pink ones have a completely cyclical concept of time so they do not really understand the significance of the event, but they do like a good party and judging from past experience they will not be dissapointed.  Meanwhile you can check out some leaked documents regarding the so called “2011 tour” – all non-slovenian readers can call kud.ljud on skype for a simultaneous translation of the article :-)

Ljud’s laboratory continued…


The time and space of the first post-summer Ljud’s Laboratory will become a continuum once again in the basement of the Modern gallery in Ljubljana, this Friday 11/11/2011 at 18:00!

We are announcing three main experiements:

- Catching free radicals in the body by submitting it to mild excercises in physical theater

- Examination of human reactions to direct contact with Pink Invaders (video only!) – with additional commentary by Ljud’s experts on Close encounters of the Pink Kind

- Synthesis of mulled vine and “in vivo” testing of results

We welcome everyone who still hasn’t lost faith in the science of interactive theater and its effects on the growth of “personallity cells”…

Entrance fee: 0,000467€.

To book please call 031 341 889 (no english)


Hope to see you there!

The INVASION is over! (If You Want It)


So it goes!

The INVASION for this year is over.

The Aliens invaded 23 cities in 17 countries. They caused chaos and havoc on the streets of Stockholm, Glasgow, Malmo, Amsterdam, Bergamo , Eke, Imatra, Fossano, Porsgrunn, Viladecans, Sassari, Maribor, Lienz, Jelenia Gora, Vordingborg, Amersfoort, Ourense, Yavne and many others.

They made old people cry in Seoul, they made the KGB worried in Minsk, they climbed the sacred monuments of WW2 in Arkhangelsk and almost got attacked by police dogs, and they made a random guy on a street in Berlin say: “I LOVE this city!”

They were photographed about a million times and as if this wasn’t enough they became the main characters of a comic book.

They PINKED the kids, their mothers, florists and garbage men alike, retired people, immigrants, even civil servants and especially innocent by-standers.  They spread amazement, excitement and the Pink virus all over this green-blue planet.

Not all of them survived this season unharmed. There were broken limbs and sprayed joints, thorns in their feet and bruises on their bodies. There were wild allegations and police inquiries, hospital maltreatments and lousy hotel rooms, but they managed to emerge even stronger, crazier and pinker than ever.

Some of them where even bought and taken home to continue their lives as alien pets! Everything goes when the Pink virus takes over…

They thank you all for being with them in those moments.

Now they will retreat to the vast coldness of outer space, not to rest, oh no, but to prepare for the next season of The INVASION…

… and until they return…

…may the Pink be with you!

Invasion OVERdrive…


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Just in the last 12 days the pink aliens made 21 Invasions in 4 different countries… They are pretty tired but full of amazing impressions. However their mission for this season is far from over! In the next weeks you can catch up with them in Belgium, Sardinia, Slovenia or Spain

Ljud’s international volunteers


This season (from May onwards) we are hosting three young volunteers who have joined the Ljud’s as  part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

We received the girls from Latvia, Denmark and Israel with great expectations which they have already begun to fulfill with their youthful enthusiasm and hard work …

We would like to take this opportunity to also thank :

MOVIT NA Mladina (Slovenian National Agency of Youth in Action)

‘This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’

The INVASION season…


There is something about the warm summer months that makes the pink immigrants (who have been exploring this planet for the last three years now) completely hyperactive!

Our top secret sources predict with 98% certainty that “the pinks” will be invading the following locations in the coming weeks and months:

Arkhangelsk International Street Festival (Russia) – 20. – 22.6.

PIT Festival (Porsgrunn, Norway) – 24. – 26.6.

International Street Theater Festival Villadecans (Spain) – 1. – 2.7.

Lent Festival (Maribor, Slovenia) – 5. – 6.7.

Merchant City (Glasgow, Scotland) – 23. – 24.7.

Olala Festival (Lienz, Austria) – 27. – 28.7.

Jelenia Gora International Street Theater Festival (Poland) - 6. – 7.8.

Berlin Lacht! Festival (Germany) – 9. – 11.8.

Stockholm Culture Festival (Sweden) – 16. – 20.8.

The Waves Festival (Vordingborg, Denmark) – 22. – 24.8.

Malmo Culture Festival (Sweden) – 25. – 26.8.

SPOFFIN Festival (Amersfoort, Netherlands) – 27. – 28.8.

Brouwsels op Straat Festival (Ghent, Belgium) – 3. – 4.9.

With the pink virus spreading to so many different places there is no excuse not to meet your favorite extraterrestrials and get a bit “infected” this summer!

Also check out this “photo-animation” made from the thousands of pictures the Koreans took of the pink aliens during the Invasion of Seoul…