SNOOZE! (Dösen!)


Snooze !, a theatrical assembly without purpose. Cooperative contemplation. Do nothing, doze and sleep as a participatory experience. The laboratory project Snooze! is an open field. Open to things that arise and happen during a night.

Join us in a space for dreams, stories and contemplation,
a “zone of stretched rules”..


Saturday, October 27, 2018 (22:00 – 06:00)
LOCATION: Red Sapata / Tabakfabrik Linz (only by appointment)

The numbers of participants is very limited! “Bed”, snacks and breakfast: Euro 25,. (19,-)
If you wish to snooze with us write us an email:!

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A co-production of KUD LJUD (SLO) & DIE FABRIKANTEN (AT)

Galerija na meji / Grenzlandgalerie


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Look around!


Today a rock, tomorrow a wind!
City metamorphosis

Imagine the splash of the river or the gust of the wind rolling down the street…it changes what it is in what it is not, but it will be, it is becoming and it already is. It reveals things that are so ordinary that nobody sees them anymore. It takes us beyond expectations – into a state of consciousness, where the world is new, fresh and undiscovered.

photo by_ Gábor Rumann

The Ljuds are preparing a very special magical attack on the streets of Ljubljana.
Directed by the Romanian performative artistCsongorKöllő and performed by the participants of the international project RIOTE 2, local performers and of course the Ljuds.

You will meet us this Friday, April 13th at 15:00 and 17:00 on the streets of Ljubljana:)

Co-financed by MOL and Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Look around!


Our EVS project Look around! is finishing. Volunteer Harriet form England described her experience with these words:

“My half-year adventure in art in public spaces is coming to an end. It began with opening a Streetwalker gallery in Ljubljana, and ends with paintings in a gallery in Ljubljana. In between I have aided pink alien Invasions, brought origami snails to life in stop-motion and workshops, animated paper-snowflakes for Christmas and New Year, gone sightseeing with DaDa-ist pirates and joined their crew in search of treasure, as well as the process of illustrating a new performance, and climbing trees to reveal hidden artworks. I have even dabbled in talking Slovene and learned to make Šmorn.”

Harriet EVS 3

We thank all who made the project possible, especially our volunteer Harriet Ainscough, our partner organization ICYE from England and Institute Movit!

evs2018 eng



Ljud is for the second year co-creating RIOTE project (Rural inclusive outdoor theatre education) supported by Erasmus+ programme, where we have opportunity to teach and learn from six theatre groups: Broken Spectacles/Dartington Arts and Take Art (United Kingdom), Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Control Studio and Utca-SzAK (Hungary).

Our main focuses are: to educate each other – to exchange our knowledge of outdoor theatre & to create better conditions for promoting, organizing and executing quality theatre production in rural environments.

For more information, please have a look here.


Laboratoire de Ljud


Ljud’s laboratory is back in action!

All those interested in workshop of interactive theater in public space call Grega: +386 31 341 889 or write to

2017 ljud lab plakat LJ 12017 ljud lab plakat LJ 2



Instead of classical holiday wishes Ljud & friends are organizing the 1st traditional NON-TRADITIONAL MIDNIGHT MASS in Križevniška church (Križanke, Ljubljana).

Come and join us!


If traditional Christmas rituals leave you indifferent, you are looking for a sanctuary from the pre-holiday shopping madness or would like to gather stories for the winter join us between the 21st and the 25th of December.

From Winter solstice till Christmas we will open the door of Križevniška church where our musicians and performers will take you to a magical mythical in-between-world. There awaits you a bed, some tea and a trip to the bottom of the whale’s belly, where you will get a chance to be reborn or at least rest a bit.

The doors of the church will be open:
THE PREMIDNIGHT MASS – 23.12. at 20:00
THE MIDNIGHT MASS – 24.12. at 24:00

Be welcomed to a community ritual for the present time we will create together.

The event is co-organized by the Ljubljana Festival and with the support of Municipality of Ljubljana.

Streetwalker in Kranj


Rien d’intéressant ici. Seuls les invitations à des spectacles de Streetwalker à Kranj …

Steilpass/Steep saddle



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Ljud’s laboratory is here!


Plus d’information disponible en anglais.

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