Ljud is for the second year co-creating RIOTE project (Rural inclusive outdoor theatre education) supported by Erasmus+ programme, where we have opportunity to teach and learn from six theatre groups: Broken Spectacles/Dartington Arts and Take Art (United Kingdom), Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Control Studio and Utca-SzAK (Hungary).

Our main focuses are: to educate each other – to exchange our knowledge of outdoor theatre & to create better conditions for promoting, organizing and executing quality theatre production in rural environments.

  • RIOTE - JOINT STAFF TRAINING slovenia (25)
  • Celldömölk Meeting (9)
  • Bergamo Tascabile by Gábor Rumann - from FB (4)
  • RIOTE - JOINT STAFF TRAINING slovenia (11)
  • RIOTE - JOINT STAFF TRAINING slovenia (12)
  • RIOTE - JOINT STAFF TRAINING slovenia (26)
  • RIOTE - JOINT STAFF TRAINING slovenia (45)
  • Celldömölk Meeting (27)
  • Chidea Cluj-the black bull (1)
  • Chidea Cluj-the black bull (2)
  • Chidea Cluj-the black bull (4)
  • RIOTE - DUNASZEKCSŐ MEETING dunaszekcső (20)
  • RIOTE - DUNASZEKCSŐ MEETING dunaszekcső (28)
  • Celldömölk Meeting (36)

For more information, please have a look here.




Ljud’s laboratory is back in action!

All those interested in workshop of interactive theater in public space call Grega: +386 31 341 889 or write to

2017 ljud lab plakat LJ 12017 ljud lab plakat LJ 2



Instead of classical holiday wishes Ljud & friends are organizing the 1st traditional NON-TRADITIONAL MIDNIGHT MASS in Križevniška church (Križanke, Ljubljana).

Come and join us!


If traditional Christmas rituals leave you indifferent, you are looking for a sanctuary from the pre-holiday shopping madness or would like to gather stories for the winter join us between the 21st and the 25th of December.

From Winter solstice till Christmas we will open the door of Križevniška church where our musicians and performers will take you to a magical mythical in-between-world. There awaits you a bed, some tea and a trip to the bottom of the whale’s belly, where you will get a chance to be reborn or at least rest a bit.

The doors of the church will be open:
THE PREMIDNIGHT MASS – 23.12. at 20:00
THE MIDNIGHT MASS – 24.12. at 24:00
The number of “believers” is limited, reservations at Voluntary contribution of 10 eur or more or less are desired and mandatory.

Be welcomed to a community ritual for the present time we will create together.

The event is co-organized by the Ljubljana Festival and with the support of Municipality of Ljubljana.

Streetwalker in Kranj


Streetwalker Open-air “ready-made” gallery officially opened her doors in Kranj on Friday, 13. 5. at the Main Square of Kranj. The gallery is opened 24/7 – just follow the red line that will guide you through the installation.

Or, come and see one of the guided tours: every Friday & Saturday at 17:00 (all summer till 17th September). Start at Glavni trg Kranj.

So, sharpen your senses, fire up your imagination and come discover Kranj from a fresh perspective!

P.S: Guided tours are also in English!
P.P.S: You can get your ticket in Layer house, Tourist Office Kranj or on main bus station Ljubljana!

streetwalker photos 1

P.P.S. The project was developed with support of Network for artistic creation in public spaces – IN-SITU and in cooperation withTourist Office Kranj – TIC, Layer house and Teden mladih Kranj.

Steilpass/Steep saddle


Unikum – cultural centre of Klagenfurt university, invited LJUD to create a site-specific project with a Alpe-Adria bus line connecting Carinthian and Slovenian capital through historically burdened Loibelpass. Bus line with its abandoned places will become “stage” for travelling theater and will be filled with new contents – documentary approach of the artists will discuss complicated relationship of both cities, both countries and living situation of the neighborhood.


Ljud group will take care for your well-being on this 12 hour long “ghost bus” trip, you will be invited to co-create this extraordinary trip. Expect unexpected incidents and special in between stops. Together we will reveal history, explore the past of the places and of local people and in the enddiscover also ourselves…

Because of limited capacities of the bus (40 passengers for one ride), the tour will be staged
three times – 3rd, 4th in 5th june. To book your ticket go here

Our special guest are Boris Magdalenc and audio project “Afterlife Woodland” by French & Mottershead (UK)*

* Afterlife Woodland is an audio artwork that transports the listener to the most intimate of places, which paradoxically none of us will ever actually experience: our body’s decomposition after death.

Special thanks go to all the local people, especially to Herta Malle, Danica Katona, Jože Romšak and Johann Schütz!

Ljud’s laboratory is here!


Ljud’s laboratory is starting an interactive power plant!

On friday the 18th of march at 4 p.m., you can enter and discover your unknown performing powers! Electrify your surroundings with body, sound and personal charm.

Come and plug in!

ljud lab 2016

If you wish to apply or get more information call scientist Dr. Močivnik (031 341 889), or write to We will also let you know the secret location (MSUM, Maistrova ulica 3).



have a peaceful 2016 web

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre!


We are not partying into the new year yet… first we have a new premiere coming up:

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre!


Premiere: 9th of December at 6 pm in Menza pri Koritu (Metelkova, Ljubljana)
Other dates:
18.12. at 18h Cafe Kolaž, Ljubljana
22.12. at 17h Radio Študent, Ljubljana
23.12. at 17h Rdeča Ostriga, Škofja Loka
29.12. at 17h atrium of Gosposka 11, Maribor

Captain Dada is without a ship and crew, he forgot the purpose of his expedition, he has lost the map to the treasure and his compass is broken, he has a severe hangover and is also seasick … his fake parrot has escaped and we will not even mention the monkey… he has a wooden leg and he keeps waking up on the wrong side of bed… What does the audience suggest?

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre! is an interactive theater adventure for a family audience, inspired by the legends of sea robbers and the avant-garde art movements of the early 20th century. Two perfromers will be using physical theatre, absurd humor and surreal twists to pull the audience into a unpredictably tempestuous treasure hunt.

To the horizon, over the edge and down to the bottom!

P.S. If you can’t make it till the end of the year don’t panic – more shows will follow in 2016!
P.P.S. The show is supported by Mestna občina Ljubljana.
P.P.S. ArrrrgGGggHHhHhhh!

Streetwalker & Street=Gallery


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The Streetwalker – Open-air “ready-made” gallery is back in town!
You’re welcome to join us on one of the guided tours at Trg francoske revolucije (in front of Vžigalica gallery). Some tours will be followed by this year’s speciallity – creative workshops Street=Gallery for kids. Together we will discover yet unrecorded part of our gallery!

25.7.: 17:00 and 19:00 – > interactive guided tour
1.8.: 17:00 and 19:00 – > interactive guided tour
26.7.: 10:00 – > interactive guided tour followed by workshop
31.7.: 17:00 – > interactive guided tour followed by workshop
2.8.: 10:00 – > interactive guided tour followed by workshop

P. S. As is traditional the entrance fee is 0 € (students and seniors receive a 50 % discount)
P.P.S. Apparently all the tours are also available in English!

P.P.P.S. The project was developed with support of Network for artistic creation in public spaces – IN-SITU. In Ljubljana in cooperation with Vžigalica gallery and City museum of Ljubljana and the financial support of Ljubljana municipality and Ljubljana tourism office.

Alien Spaceship gets a home!


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As you may already know the pink aliens finally decided to make earth their permanent home. The visas and work permits are still a bit of a problem but the “silver cube” found a permanent residence in the south of France where three dedicated guardians will make sure that it stays accessible to future generations of scientists and the general public. If you would like to look behind the scenes you can watch our exclusive video report. We would also like to sincerely thank Energetika Ljubljana for their support of this excellent mission.

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