Ljud’s laboratory

Open workshops of interactive and physical theater which have been organized by the Ljuds since 2009 in collaboration with external mentors from Slovenia and abroad.

The “lab workers”, acquire new skills in the field of interactive physical theater through exercises of group attention and improvisation. Rehearsals are focused on understanding the rhythm and composition of group work, as well as “character building” using principles of ‘commedia dell’arte’, Biomechanics and Butoh. The “laboratory work” is continuously tested and developed through unannounced actions and “flash mobs” on the city streets.

From 2012 the Ljuds are also making an on-line database of theatrical rehearsals, exercises and group games: PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME! CLICK HERE!

To participate in the Lab just write to: kudljud@gmail.com or call +386 31 341 889 (Grega)