Ljudove delavnice

The basic exercises used to prepare the body and voice for the rehearsals…

The classic circle group attention and cooperation game… invented by vikings perfected by ljud.

Group awareness exercise that develops into the “Group monster” – a form where individual expression and group complicity is continuously mixing…

One of the basic Ljud exercises for playing with rhythm composition and dynamics within a group.

Some of the Ljud's rehearsals, as requested by the Mustache group, focusing primarily on rehearsals with speaking (overcoming speaking blockades and using words as part of improvisation and physical theatre).

Association (word)
Association (sentence)
Mirror (speaking)
I am…
I am…(in the space)

This one is also good to get people talking without thinking too much ;)


GUEST STARRING: Miri Debets from Marabu theatre in Bonn!


A workshop session in St. Petersburg, Russia (June – 2011):


A great Workshop of the great Adrian Schwarzstein: