Borderland gallery


Galerija na meji / Grenzlandgalerie / Borderland gallery
… is an attempt to walk along an invisible line,
… is an experiment in the framing of the undepictable,
… is a journey through a century of border stories.

After a ghost bus tour across the Steep saddle LJUD goes once again on a search of border ghosts, this time to Styria.


In the hilly landscape on the Slovenian-Austrian border stands a series of picture frames. Each frame along this invisible line shows a different view of the landscape and tells another story of its unusual past. In a audio walk through the gallery, the testimonies of people who have crossed the border and of those who have spent all their lives with it, are intertwined with music in an essayistic journey that is available in the form of an audio guide in Slovene and German.

Klengel_Grenzlandgalerie_3 (1)

Join us on Saturday, May 12th, on a one-time tour to the gallery. Our special gallery bus will take us to the border and beyond. We will depart from Ljubljana (13:00, parking space in front of Hala Tivoli) and Maribor (14:30 pm, General Maister Square) and return in the evening. Due to a limited number of seats & special language skill requirement (audio is available only in Slovene or German), please take a crash course in one (or both) language(s) and reserve your seat at

Borderland gallery is a project created by: KUD LJUD & Robin Klengel in cooperation with: Mladen Baćić, Adina F. Camhy, Petra Gosenca, Kristijan Guček, Lorenz Kabas, Moke Klengel, Andreas Kloos, Ana Ruter, Johannes Schweighofer, Jurij Torkar.

Special thanks go to all the local people.