Look around!


Our EVS project Look around! is finishing. Volunteer Harriet form England described her experience with these words:

“My half-year adventure in art in public spaces is coming to an end. It began with opening a Streetwalker gallery in Ljubljana, and ends with paintings in a gallery in Ljubljana. In between I have aided pink alien Invasions, brought origami snails to life in stop-motion and workshops, animated paper-snowflakes for Christmas and New Year, gone sightseeing with DaDa-ist pirates and joined their crew in search of treasure, as well as the process of illustrating a new performance, and climbing trees to reveal hidden artworks. I have even dabbled in talking Slovene and learned to make Šmorn.”

Harriet EVS 3

We thank all who made the project possible, especially our volunteer Harriet Ainscough, our partner organization ICYE from England and Institute Movit!

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