Steilpass/Steep saddle


Unikum – cultural centre of Klagenfurt university, invited LJUD to create a site-specific project with a Alpe-Adria bus line connecting Carinthian and Slovenian capital through historically burdened Loibelpass. Bus line with its abandoned places will become “stage” for travelling theater and will be filled with new contents – documentary approach of the artists will discuss complicated relationship of both cities, both countries and living situation of the neighborhood.


Ljud group will take care for your well-being on this 12 hour long “ghost bus” trip, you will be invited to co-create this extraordinary trip. Expect unexpected incidents and special in between stops. Together we will reveal history, explore the past of the places and of local people and in the enddiscover also ourselves…

Because of limited capacities of the bus (40 passengers for one ride), the tour will be staged
three times – 3rd, 4th in 5th june. To book your ticket go here

Our special guest are Boris Magdalenc and audio project “Afterlife Woodland” by French & Mottershead (UK)*

* Afterlife Woodland is an audio artwork that transports the listener to the most intimate of places, which paradoxically none of us will ever actually experience: our body’s decomposition after death.

Special thanks go to all the local people, especially to Herta Malle, Danica Katona, Jože Romšak and Johann Schütz!