Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre!


We are not partying into the new year yet… first we have a new premiere coming up:

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre!


Premiere: 9th of December at 6 pm in Menza pri Koritu (Metelkova, Ljubljana)
Other dates:
18.12. at 18h Cafe Kolaž, Ljubljana
22.12. at 17h Radio Študent, Ljubljana
23.12. at 17h Rdeča Ostriga, Škofja Loka
29.12. at 17h atrium of Gosposka 11, Maribor

Captain Dada is without a ship and crew, he forgot the purpose of his expedition, he has lost the map to the treasure and his compass is broken, he has a severe hangover and is also seasick … his fake parrot has escaped and we will not even mention the monkey… he has a wooden leg and he keeps waking up on the wrong side of bed… What does the audience suggest?

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre! is an interactive theater adventure for a family audience, inspired by the legends of sea robbers and the avant-garde art movements of the early 20th century. Two perfromers will be using physical theatre, absurd humor and surreal twists to pull the audience into a unpredictably tempestuous treasure hunt.

To the horizon, over the edge and down to the bottom!

P.S. If you can’t make it till the end of the year don’t panic – more shows will follow in 2016!
P.P.S. The show is supported by Mestna občina Ljubljana.
P.P.S. ArrrrgGGggHHhHhhh!